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business Apr 26, 2023

If you are a private 1-on-1 life coach who wants to create your own online course or signature coaching program, but you think you can't, because all of your clients are unique and their results are unique and you don't have a process that makes sense to teach to everyone, read this post. 

What's stopping you from creating your own online course or coaching program

When you coach your clients privately 1-on-1, you can offer them coaching that's perfect for their situation in order to get them to their ideal outcome, this is true, but when you create an online course or program, you need to tailor the program content to your ideal client or target market.

You need to get super clear on who your dream clients are, before you start creating your course or program. (Your dream clients may be different than your existing clients.) And when you do that, it'll be so much easier to find your process and how you'll teach it to them in a way that gets them the best results. 

At the end of the day, I know you just want to see your clients succeed, because that's why you started your coaching business in the first place.

Now, I realize you've probably all of that heard before, but I want to ask you…have you sat down with a pen and paper to do the work of figuring out who your ideal client is and how your program can help them - so you can create an online course, signature program, group coaching program, or whatever else you want to create that's perfect for them?

Most people haven't. And it's ok if you haven't done this work yet either, but let's talk about why you aren't taking the time along your coaching journey to do this work and how you can get yourself to do it.

Why you aren't taking the time to define who your ideal client is

The reason you aren't taking the time to do this work is twofold…

  1. You don't really believe it can be done. You don't really believe you can decide who your ideal client is, because you don't want to restrict or limit your business. You like having unique clients and giving them unique coaching! 

  2. You don't really want to do the work necessary to create your online course or program, because it's a lot of work and will take up some of your time! There are a million decisions that need to be made along the way from who your ideal client is, to what your course or program outline will be, to what your videos will teach and look like, to what software you'll use to deliver the end product, to how you'll market and sell it, and so many more decisions. Each and every decision takes time to make.

How to get yourself to take action

So, if you want to get yourself to take action on this we've got to work on...

  • Your belief that it's possible to decide who your ideal client will be and how you can specifically help them. (To accomplish this, I walk my clients through a series of questions inside my programs. And you can probably find endless free questions that will help you do this on Google.)

  • Your belief that choosing an ideal client will restrict or limit your business. (Because is this really true? I help you question this belief below. Keep reading...)

  • You need to see an overview of the online course or program creation process that feels doable. (I give you a free resource for this below. Keep reading...)

  • And we've got to get you making decisions that lead you towards creating this thing…instead of wanting and yearning to create it. (Baby steps will be helpful. Take it one decision at a time and you'll start creating momentum.)

This blog post would be super long if I showed you how to do all of that. But I don't want to leave you hanging, so I will share two quick things with you that will really help.

My #1 tip to help you create your online course or online coaching program

Creating your online course or coaching program does NOT mean you have to stop offering private 1-on-1 services.

You can continue to offer those services for as long as you want to. It's your business! So, the idea of restricting or limiting your business isn't really true here. 

Get support when you need it

In my programs - creating, marketing, and selling your signature online course or program is what I help online service-based business owners (coaches, consultants, copywriters, graphic designers, other experts) do so they can go from really wanting to do it, but feeling like they can't, to taking the steps necessary to get momentum going, to having a complete asset in their business they can market and sell as their main offer or a separate offer.

If you want to stop thinking about this and start taking action to create your own online course or program, I can help you. Get all the details at the link below.

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