Deciding To Create A Scalable Offer In Your Business


Most people start a business for freedom, flexibility, and to be their own boss - but for many business owners, it becomes more than a full time job. 

When they reached their maximum capacity with private clients, they knew it was time to create a scalable offer, but self-doubt and imposter syndrome creeped in and stopped them in their tracks.

Can you relate?

Your Options For Continuing To Grow Your Business

If you are in this position now, and you want to continue growing your business, let’s talk through some options you have, in addition to creating a scalable offer, that’ll help you move forward. 

Option 1: You could raise your prices, but keep in mind…eventually you’ll reach your market or industry limit.

Option 2: You could sign more clients, but pay close attention…because eventually you’ll feel like you’ve gone way too far above your maximum capacity.

Option 3: You could hire people and build a team, but you’ll likely need to work on your leadership and communication skills…because of this, the thought of managing other people makes many entrepreneurs want to run for the hills. How do you feel about managing other people?

Option 4: You can continue to invest in online courses and training programs to teach you about scaling your business, but you must implement what you learn at some point…which can be hard if the course creators and trainers you purchase from aren’t available for questions, and self-doubt and imposter syndrome creep in without anyone to help move you forward.

Making A Decision About How To Grow Your Business

It’s a bit frustrating and confusing to read all of these options, and it could leave you feeling stuck and unsure about what to do next. 

Intellectually, you know that creating a scalable offer is your best option to continue growing your business, but you need help implementing and dealing with all that self-doubt and imposter syndrome - so you can actually bring this thing to life.

3 Ways To Deal With Self-Doubt And Imposter Syndrome, So You Can Create Your Scalable Offer

Here’s a little secret: when you learn to deal with your self-doubt and imposter syndrome, you will naturally start to implement. You may want a little extra support from a mentor or coach, and that’s ok, but you’ll be naturally motivated to get stuff done when you feel more confident. 

Three things that have helped me (and some of my clients) deal with self-doubt and imposter syndrome are…

  1. Sit down with a pen and paper and write down all of your education, experience, and qualifications that are relevant to the scalable offer you’d create. Then, read it out loud to yourself. I bet you’ve got some impressive experience.
  2. Read through all the client testimonials you have from current and past clients. Let yourself soak in all the ways you’ve helped your clients. Reading them out loud could really help you internalize how important your work is.
  3. Understand this…self-doubt and imposter syndrome are normal and common amongst business owners who are wanting to create a scalable offer. These are human emotions that we can’t hide from. When I created my own group coaching program, I felt them too. 


You started your business for freedom, flexibility, and to be your own boss. Now that you’ve reached your maximum capacity with private clients, and you know you want to continue growing your business, it’s time to create your scalable offer. You don’t have to let self-doubt and imposter syndrome stop you in your tracks. 

Designing, creating, and launching your scalable offer - and dealing with self-doubt and imposter syndrome as it comes up - is exactly what we'll do together inside my coaching program.

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