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My top tips for creating your first scalable offer

business Jun 06, 2023

If you have a group program now or you’re thinking about creating one in your business, this article is for you…

When you’re making offers and inviting people to work with you, it’s important to create a sales and marketing strategy in order to sell your services, BUT it’s just as important (maybe even more important) to create a client experience that gets clients results once they join your program.

(You want to change lives with your work, so this might seem obvious, but I’ve personally joined some pretty terrible programs, and so have many of my clients.) 

If your client experience is dialed in and getting great results for your clients, awesome! 

If your client experience is not dialed in, now is a good time to start improving it. 

Here are a few of my top tips for creating a client experience that gets results…

Tip 1: Create your unique “process” or “framework” or “system” that you’ll teach inside your program.

Make sure you have a clear path to take your clients through that gets them the result(s) they want.

In order to create this, you’ll want to think about where your clients are when they join your program, and you’ll want to think about where they’ll be when your time together is complete. Then, you’ll create their path to getting there…which is your unique “process” or “framework” or “system.” 

(Oh, and when you create this, I highly recommend you come up with your own teachings as much as possible, instead of using someone else’s teachings…like the coach or school you studied at or got certified through…even when you’re licensed to use it.)

Tip 2: Create an onboarding process that helps your new clients feel as comfortable and acclimated as possible within the first 7-14 days. Basically, as quick as possible.

You want them to have a clear understanding of where to find things, what your processes are, how they’ll get their desired result, and what’s next. You’ll want them to know ‘what’s next’ every step of the way.

Tip 3: Create detailed plans for each step your clients will take.

I personally think this is the fun part...

Create a detailed plan for each step your clients will go through from the time they sign up to work with you (your onboarding process), to what they’ll get each week (your delivery), to what happens when your time together comes to an end (your offboarding process), to after your time together is complete. 

Tip 4: Automation is your friend.

At each step in the process, look for ways to automate things, like emails, in a way that feels very personal to each of your clients. 

Tip 5: Personalize things and connect with your clients.

At each step in the process, look for ways to personalize things and connect with your clients.

Some ideas…send them a birthday card, or a welcome card or gift, or a copy of the workbook (if you have one), or a copy of your favorite book that they might find helpful, or a personalized email with a video just for them.

There are endless ways you can connect with your clients and build strong relationships. 

Tip 6: Ask for testimonials and referrals.

When your time together is complete, and your clients get amazing results, ask for testimonials and referrals. You could even ask for those things during the time you’re working together.

When your clients are getting great results in your program, they will be delighted to provide a testimonial and referrals…most of them will anyway! 

Final Thoughts

Marketing and selling is important, but creating a client experience that gets results is more important. Use the tips I shared with you in this post to improve your client experience, or at the very least, start to think about ways to improve it.

I have my client experience saved on a Google Doc, which makes it easy to refer to and improve. You could create a Google Doc for yours, if that works for you.

Creating amazing client experiences that get their clients results is a BIG part of what I do with my clients. It's one of my favorite things. 

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