Work with me 1:1 to grow your business and learn to be present with your family during non-work hours.


Work with me 1:1 to grow your business and learn to be present with your family during non-work hours.


You started your business because you wanted freedom, flexibility, and unlimited income potential.

Now as a Business Owner, you’ve got:

  • No boss telling you what to do - because you are your own boss.
  • No mandatory work hours - because you set your own hours.
  • No income cap - because you are in charge of your income. 

You should be proud of yourself for what you accomplished. (I’m proud of you!)

But although you love your business, you feel like something isn’t right.

You're thinking about your business all the time, working crazy long hours, and having trouble being present with your family. (This is what I call the "dark side" of business ownership.)

You want to keep growing your business but you can’t do it like this.

When you’re not working, you’re thinking about your business. You’re worrying about marketing, sales, clients, and revenue. It doesn't matter what you're doing, you just can’t seem to put it down.

Your thoughts are completely fixated on your business all the time and it feels out of your control. You feel kinda obsessed with it.

You love your business - but this just isn't working for your life.

The good news? This isn’t required of you to grow your business. There is another way.

How we'll make it happen

You don't have to work 40-60-80 hour work weeks. You can grow your business in a smarter way and be happier in your life. There are 3 steps.

We'll simplify your business

We'll take a look at everything you’re doing right now and prioritize. What should you stop doing? What should you start doing? What should you do more of?

You’ll get clarity on who your ideal client is, a simple marketing plan, a streamlined sales strategy that matches your strengths, a client experience that blows your clients’ minds, and an organized way to track your finances.

We'll create balance in your life

We'll take a look at everything you’re doing right now and prioritize.

You’ll get control over your health or weight (if that’s important to you), firm boundaries around technology, strong relationships with people you love, a plan to spend less time mowing the lawn and clearing the house and more time having fun again. (Remember fun?!)

We'll work together to grow your business in a way that maintains simplicity and balance

Imagine how you’ll feel after your business has been simplified and you feel happy in your life again. Many business owners I work with describe it as feeling satisfied and fulfilled like never before.

When you reach that place, we'll work together to grow your business in a way that feels good to you. We’ll work together to create a program in your business that you will sell and deliver to a group of people, instead of just one person at a time.


What it looks like for me personally...

I simplified the marketing in my business. I like sharing what I know with people and helping them in a community setting. So I decided to focus my marketing efforts on my podcast and my Facebook group in my business. This is how I spend most of my marketing time and I love it. Super simple marketing plan!

I defined what balance looked like for me and I created it. I don’t book any meetings before 10:00am because I get my boys to school and walk on my treadmill in the morning. I work while my kids are at school and I pick them up everyday in the afternoon. Most nights I go to bed by 9:30pm. I also go on a few dates every month with my husband. These are my priorities in my personal life.

I'm doing all of that while I grow my business. I've helped clients create group programs to grow and scale their businesses. Right now I'm creating my own group program to grow and scale my own business! I plan to offer my group program in 2023 in addition to the private 1:1 coaching services I offer right now.

I have no doubt you can do this on your own. Working with me as your coach is simply a quicker route there.

Here's what happens after you book a free consultation with me:

We’ll meet virtually. We’ll talk about your vision for your business, the challenges you’re facing that are keeping you from making your vision a reality, and I’ll give you expert advice on your best way forward.

At the end of the consultation, we’ll talk about what it would look like to work together further.


Here's what you get as my private client:

  • Private 1:1 weekly coaching sessions.
  • Unlimited email access with me in between calls. 
  • Feedback, accountability, and support from me - a Certified Life Coach, a woman with an MBA, and a Business Owner (just like you!).
  • PLUS front of the line access to future programs and trainings. (This includes my group program that's being created right now and will be available in late 2023!).

Client testimonials:

Megan Hopkins, Owner of Megan Hopkins Copywriting

“I've worked with Andrea in a number of different capacities, and I can honestly say, she's made my business and life better in multiple ways! I'm currently working with her through 1:1 coaching as I figure out how to scale my business and achieve a work-life balance with two young children. As someone who gravitates toward overworking and putting my identity into my work, I tend to get burnt out on a regular basis. Not only does this slow the growth of my business, but it also negatively impacts my health and relationships. Andrea is helping me figure out how to do and have it all. It's not easy to achieve work-life balance as someone who naturally wants to fill my schedule with client work 24/7, but Andrea is helping me figure it out in a way that makes sense for me and my business. I look forward to our weekly coaching calls and am already seeing results from the action items she's given me! I can't recommend working with Andrea enough.”

Dave Moreno, Badass Business Coach

“I am the Badass Business Coach for entrepreneurs who want to reach their first six and seven figures. I was making 7 figures and knew it was time to scale up. That's when I found Andrea. I was doing private 1:1 coaching and had a small group that was less than 1 year old. Andrea came in and took a look around the client experience and brought the idea to level up with a full course inside the group to help them reach their financial goals faster. I dreaded making the course, the scripts, the videos, the formatting....Andrea made it easy.  From taking my ideas and creating a simple course outline, to details of each video lesson, to creation of the workbook. She helped me with all of it. The course was done and live in only 3 months and now my clients are seeing amazing results from it. If you are ready for that next level with ease I highly recommend you bring in Andrea.”

Sheri Brasier, Life and Style Coach

“When I hired Andrea, I felt disorganized in my business. I was doing lots of good things, but not consistently, because I didn’t have a system to keep me on track. Right away Andrea helped me prioritize things and helped me make decisions about what I wanted to keep doing and when. Andrea also helped me sort out some old beliefs I had from my past that were affecting my belief in myself, and therefore affecting how I showed up in my life & business. These breakthroughs have been PIVOTAL for me and have directed me back on the path of my business and helped me be happier in my life. Andrea is easy to talk to, creates a safe space to be vulnerable, and is crazy organized! She keeps my ADHD brain on track! Don’t ever leave me Andrea! I need you as my coach forever! ☺️”

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