The Growth Program:

Do you want to create your signature program?

The service you provide your clients with today is very high touch and requires a lot of your time and energy. You love working with your clients like this, but you're ready to create a program that will allow you to get some of your time back.

The good news is...being that intimate with your clients has allowed you to really dial in your expertise in your specific field. It has also allowed you to develop your own "framework" or "process" or "system" - even if you're not exactly sure what that is or how to teach it inside your program.

You find yourself saying the same things over and over to each of your clients, so you know your process exists somewhere. It can be really hard to see clearly, especially when you're so close to your business and your clients. 

That's why having someone to help you identify your unique process and create your signature program is so beneficial. 

The bottom line is...collaborating with someone who has done this before will help you complete it quicker - so you can start marketing and selling your new program and get some of your time back.


Here's what it takes to create your signature program:

In order for your program to get your clients the best results possible, you need clarification of who your ideal client is and the result they'll get in your program.

You need to figure out the exact steps you'll take them through in your program. You also need to create the program itself - which includes writing the outline, recording the videos, and writing the workbook.

This is exactly what I help my clients do in The Growth Program.

This is my simple process for helping you create your signature program:

Getting Started

I will guide you through my process for creating your signature program and a plan to market and sell it in 6 months. It all starts here.

The first thing we do together is get clear on who your ideal client is and the result they'll get from your program. I'll walk you through a series of questions that will clarify this for the both of us.

This will help us create a program that gets your clients the best possible results. (This is important for referrals, testimonials, and the overall health and longevity of your program. Plus, it just feels good!).

This is where we start.

What is your program?

The next thing we'll do in our private 1:1 sessions is identify what your "framework" or "process" or "system" is. We will work together to organize it all in a way that make sense to your ideal client. You will get super clear on how you'll teach it to your clients inside your program. (This is one of my superpowers!).

It's time to bring your program to life

This part of the program will take up the majority of our time together. When we reach this point, we will collaborate to create the program itself - which includes writing the outline, recording the videos, and writing the workbook.

In addition to our private 1:1 sessions where we'll do some of this work together, you will also have unlimited Slack access with me in between sessions (M-F), so we can get in the weeds on this part of the process together. You can share Google Docs, videos, Canva designs, etc. with me for feedback and discussion.

Marketing and selling your program

When your program is complete and ready to be introduced to the world, we will work together to create a marketing and sales plan that's designed with your work-life balance top of mind.

I know one of the reasons you want to create a program in the first place is to get some of your time back, so that will be a priority in the decisions that are made here.

Here are common ways to structure your program and offer, which you will decide on when we create your marketing and sales plan:

Private 1:1 services

You may decide to offer your signature program as a pre-recorded online course PLUS 1:1 coaching or consulting services. (Pricing and program length will be evaluated here).

Hybrid 1:1 and small group services

You may decide to offer your signature program as a pre-recorded online course PLUS the combination of 1:1 and small group coaching and consulting services.

Small or large group services

You may decide to offer your signature program as a pre-recorded online course with several bonuses PLUS small or large group coaching and consulting services and a community for clients to connect.

After you complete this 6 month program, your signature program will be ready for clients to purchase and you will have a clear marketing and sales plan to bring those clients in.

I created The Growth Program to make this process simpler and quicker for you.

Here's what you get in this program:

  • (20) virtual private 1:1 sessions to be delivered over 6 months.
  • Unlimited Slack support (M-F) with me in between sessions.

Here's who gets the best results in this program:

To get the best results, you must be fully booked, or almost fully booked, or signing consistent clients right now, or receiving positive client testimonials.

You must be an expert in your field, have a specified niche, and have worked with clients in that niche and helped them get positive results. 

You must have at least 5 hours per week to dedicate to building your program and the corresponding marketing and sales plan for it. 

You must also want to spend more of your work time marketing and selling your program, as opposed to working directly with clients 1:1. (Depending on how you decide to structure it when we work together).

The investment is $5,000.


Hi, I'm Andrea Scalici.

I'm a Life and Business Coach, a woman with an MBA, and a Business Owner (just like you!).

I help online business owners achieve the work-life balance they've always wanted in The Intensive Program.

I help them create, market, and sell their signature programs so they can grow their business and maintain work-life balance in The Growth Program.

I can help you too.

Client testimonial:

Dave Moreno, 
Badass Business Coach

“I was making 7 figures and knew it was time to scale up. That's when I found Andrea. I was doing private 1:1 coaching and had a small group that was less than 1 year old. Andrea came in and took a look around the client experience and brought the idea to level up with a full course inside the group to help them reach their financial goals faster. I dreaded making the course, the scripts, the videos, the formatting....Andrea made it easy.  From taking my ideas and creating a simple course outline, to details of each video lesson, to creation of the workbook. She helped me with all of it. The course was done and live in only a few months and now my clients are seeing amazing results from it. If you are ready for that next level with ease I highly recommend you bring in Andrea."

Are you ready to get started?

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