My Simple System To Achieve Work-Life Balance

You can achieve work-life balance no matter how busy or overwhelmed you are, and it can be much simpler and quicker than you might think if you are intentional about it. 

Listen to this episode to learn my simple system to achieve work-life balance. I don’t hold anything back in this episode. You will hear my entire system with real life examples and you can apply everything you learn to your life and business for immediate relief. I really hope this episode helps you.

What You’ll Learn:

  • You must consider your values as a person when you’re getting started on the pathway towards work-life balance, because you want your values as a person to match how you spend your time
  • Define what work-life balance means to you, so you know what you’re trying to achieve (visualize your ideal work day and your ideal non-work day)
  • Find the biggest tension points in your life and business and create a plan to smooth those tension points out (look at the time you’re spending on your health, money, relationships with other people and yourself, boring adult responsibilities, marketing, sales, product or service, client delivery, and business operations)
  • Implement your plan into your life and business, while getting the mindset support you need
  • Maintain your work-life balance by adjusting your schedule and your mindset every 3-4 months as things in your life and business naturally evolve 
  • You can implement my simple system in 30 days and either achieve work-life balance in that timeframe or be on your way to achieving it  

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