How To Reduce Decision Fatigue (Guest Kirsten Parker)

You make (what feels like) a bazillion small and big decisions each day - from when to exercise and what to eat for dinner to how to grow your business. All these decisions can feel exhausting! 

Listen to this podcast episode as Andrea and guest and Decision Coach Kirsten Parker share a tangible process you can use to make decisions quicker, easier, and less tiresome. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • What decision fatigue is and how to dramatically reduce it in your daily life
  • When you’re faced with a decision, you want to identify the problem you’re solving or the goal you’re pursuing by asking yourself, “What do I even want?”
  • Make sure the answer to that question feels true to you and you have compassion for yourself 
  • Decide ahead of time that your problem is a solvable problem 
  • Approach decision making with intentional energy by scheduling a ‘decision session’ with yourself 
  • Make your decision, move forward, and let it be imperfect
  • Check-in with your decision and adjust things if necessary
  • Ask for help if you need help

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Learn More About Kirsten Parker:

Kirsten runs the Decision Masters Program, a membership for brainy high-achievers who want to know what really matters to them and make decisions accordingly, with ease and efficiency (instead of overthinking and angst). 

CLICK HERE for Kirsten’s website and download her crash course on “How to Say No.”

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