Intuitive Eating Can Make Your Life Easier (Guest Victoria Yates)

How many thoughts each day do you have about food, beverages, your body, your weight, or anything along those lines? If you have more thoughts about these things than you want to have, intuitive eating could be the answer for you.

Listen to this podcast episode as Andrea talks with Intuitive Eating Coach Victoria Yates. You’ll learn what intuitive eating is and how it can make your life easier, so you can focus your precious brain energy on things that matter more to you - like your business, your family, and having fun again! 

One of the goals of this podcast is to teach business owners ways they can make their lives easier and the process of managing their business easier. Intuitive eating is definitely one of those ways. If you want to make food easier, you’ll definitely want to hear this conversation.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What intuitive eating is.
  • The 10 principles of intuitive eating: ditch diet mentality, honor your hunger, make peace with food, challenge the food police, the satisfaction factor, feel your fullness, cope with your emotions without food, respect your body, finding joy with movement, and gentle nutrition. 
  • How intuitive eating can make your life easier by reducing the time you’re spending thinking about food, beverages, your body, your weight, and everything else along those lines. 
  • Why getting rid of the food rules you have will help you experience food freedom and how you can do something similar in your business - getting rid of the business rules you have will help you experience business freedom.

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Learn More About Victoria Yates:

Victoria is an intuitive eating & body image coach for women, specializing in helping women to stop dieting & love their bodies through learning how to eat intuitively.

With all the pressure to eat perfectly & have a perfect body, it’s no wonder that you feel stressed about how you should eat.

Victoria teaches how to have a healthy lifestyle built on the science behind intuitive eating. You don't have to go on a diet to be healthy.

CLICK HERE for Victoria's website.

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CLICK HERE to listen to the Redefining Health Podcast hosted by Victoria.

CLICK HERE to download Victoria's free guide to start eating intuitively.

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