Why Style Matters When You Work Remotely (Guest Sheri Brasier)

You never have to feel frustrated or confused about styling yourself or shopping for new clothes again. Listen to this podcast episode as Andrea talks with Advanced Certified Life and Style Coach Sheri Brasier about how to create your own style personality and style statement - and how knowing them will make shopping easier and more fun.

Listen to this episode to the very end, because you’ll learn specific ways that knowing your own style personality and style statement will help you grow your business with confidence. 

You’ll hear us talk about how your style will contribute to how you feel and the energy you bring to your work…which is why style is important even when you work remotely from home. You’ll also hear us talk about how knowing your unique style will help you when it comes to creating your own team, or deciding what your marketing plan will be, or how you’ll organize and systematize things. 

You will learn so much about yourself and how you want to run your business in this episode. Hit play now! 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s important to style yourself in a way that feels like you, and not an imposter, especially as a business owner.
  • What the four style personalities are (visionary, nurturer, risk taker, and truth seeker) and how to determine what yours is.
  • How to create your style statement and know your color pallet, so shopping online or in person in your specific season becomes quicker and easier.
  • The four style personalities each match up with an element from nature, which could explain your primary and secondary energy in life and business…the visionary is air, nurturer is water, risk taker is fire, and truth seeker is earth.
  • Your secondary personality type usually supports your primary personality type, except when you’re in pursuit of a goal when your secondary personality type will usually take the lead. 
  • The benefits to both your life and business when you know your style personality and style statement.
  • The type of clothes everyone needs to have in their closet at all times.

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Learn More About Sheri Brasier:

Sheri Brasier is a boy mom, wife, and entrepreneur.

When she’s not changing women’s lives by infusing self belief, you can find her with a Diet Coke in hand usually snuggled up on the couch with her electric blanket amongst her family with a book on audible in her AirPods.

Sheri knows what it’s like to stand in the dressing room with piles of clothes that don’t fit and feeling frustrated, defeated, and not good enough as you walk out of the store empty handed.  No one should go through that.

She is a seasoned Hair Stylist, Wardrobe Stylist, Life & Style Coach and her passion is helping women see their divine strengths & value and create self confidence on the inside and then helping them dress that way on the outside. From discovering your style personality, finding the right colors, design, and fit of clothing, to the best hairstyle for you, and feeling deserving of it all, Sheri can help you.

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