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Dealing With Self-Doubt As A Business Owner

When you want to grow your business by creating a scalable offer, you will feel self-doubt and imposter syndrome. But those emotions don’t have to stop you in your tracks. 

Start by reminding yourself that creating a scalable offer isn’t your only option. There are four main ways you can grow your business…you can raise your prices, sign more clients, hire people and build a team, create your scalable offer, or a combination of these options.

If you know that creating a scalable offer is the right decision for you and your business, dealing with that self-doubt and imposter syndrome is necessary and will help you naturally want to take action towards your goals. 

Listen to this podcast episode to learn 3 ways you can deal with self-doubt and imposter syndrome, so you can move forward and create your scalable offer. 

You’ll hear how reminding yourself of your previous education, experience, and qualifications, as it relates to the scalable offer you want to create, will help you build your confidence. 

You’ll hear how important it is to read your client testimonials to yourself to remember how important your work is, and how much of an impact your work has on other people’s lives.

You’ll also hear how every entrepreneur experiences these emotions when they’re creating a scalable offer. Simply allowing these emotions to be there, but not allowing them to stop you from taking action, is key. Having support from other business owners going through the same thing can really help.

What You’ll Learn:

  • When we feel self-doubt and imposter syndrome in our businesses 
  • Your four main options for continuing to grow your business when you’ve reached your maximum capacity with private clients (raise your prices, sign more clients, hire people and build a team, or create a scalable offer)
  • Self-doubt and imposter syndrome may be stopping you from making a decision to create your scalable offer
  • Three ways to deal with self-doubt and imposter syndrome so you can create your scalable offer (remind yourself of your previous education, experience, and qualifications; read the client testimonials you’ve received from current and past clients; understand self-doubt and imposter syndrome are normal and common)
  • My clients and I are also feeling self-doubt and imposter syndrome as we create our own scalable offers, so you’re not alone 

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