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Creating Your Sales Funnel In Phases

You already have a lot going on in your life and business, and when you decide to begin the process of creating your first scalable offer, you’ll have even more going on in your life and business. It’s important to plan - in phases - your sales funnel, so you can manage everything without overwhelm. 

In my own business, I recently planned my sales funnel for my group coaching program in two phases. Listen to this podcast episode to hear the details of both of these phases. Use this as inspiration for your own sales funnel. 

The goal is to keep it simple in phase one, to get your first scalable offer out there in the market, and to adjust everything as you learn more from your paying clients. Planning everything in phases is super helpful in reducing any overwhelm you might be feeling, and get yourself moving forward. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to introduce your new offer to your audience and reduce confusion
  • An example of a sales funnel I’m creating in my business in two phases
  • Creating different phases of your sales funnel will help you as a business owner and your audience 
  • How to drive traffic to your website to get more leads for your business 
  • Keep your first sales funnel simple, and add more to it later on, if necessary
  • Look at the data along the way to help you make decisions that make sense for your business, your clients, and your audience 
  • When you create your sales funnel, think through the client experience in terms of the thoughts, feelings, and actions they’ll experience at each step along the way 
  • Sales funnels are meant to show people the value of your program and how they can get the result they want by investing in your program, they aren’t meant to try to convince people to purchase something they don’t want 

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