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Say Goodbye To Your Old Corporate Personality (Guest Shyloh Brown)

Did you feel like a different person when you worked in the corporate world? Many people felt that way. I definitely did! Some corporate environments “train” employees to fit in and do things their way. But when you become a business owner, it’s important to shed that programming and get clear on who you are and how you want to operate your business.

When you lean into your own strengths and interests, you will build your business in a way that feels easier and more positive for you, while providing the best quality product or service you can to your customers. 

The place where your strengths and interests intersect with what your customers need and want, is exactly where you should focus your time and energy in your business. Where is that place for you? 

Listen to this podcast episode as Andrea and Life and Business Coach Shyloh Brown help you discover that intersection for you and your business.

What You’ll Learn:

  • “It’s not about becoming someone new, it’s about remembering who you’ve always been.” -Shyloh Brown
  • You are enough, you’ve always been enough, and you’ll always be enough.
  • The corporate world may have “trained” you to be someone else, other than yourself, and it’s important to know who you are as a business owner, because it will help you focus on your strengths and build your business in a way that feels good to you. 
  • Example: Andrea realized that Instagram wasn’t a platform she liked to work on, so she deleted her Instagram account and leaned into Facebook and LinkedIn. 
  • Being “authentic you” in your business will help you attract and connect with your clients more deeply. 
  • When you lean into your own knowing and experience, you will create a product or service that speaks to your ideal client, and allows you to make a bigger impact and grow your business. 
  • As you grow your business, you can make decisions for how you’ll grow and scale that match with your personality and interests, while also serving your clients in the best way.

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Learn More About Shyloh Brown:

Shyloh is a certified life coach, a certified yoga teacher with over 1,000 hours of training specializing in trauma and yoga therapy, a certified breath coach, and is certified in somatic attachment therapy through the Embody Lab and certified in advanced relationship mastery. 

Shyloh has been helping women become successful while still feeling fulfilled in their personal life for decades. She has run several successful businesses of her own and has helped countless women build successful companies that range from life coaches and direct sales consultants to a blow dry bar and yoga studio.

Shyloh's passion is helping you uncover what is holding you back from seeing your true potential. Her sessions focus on finding alignment in your mind, body, life, and business, mixed with laughter, occasional tears, and A LOT of support. Shyloh believes that success and abundance come much more easily when you are in alignment.

Shyloh has been married to the love of her life for 3 years, and they have blended six kids and two twin grandkids. Her hobbies include eating popcorn with extra butter, hanging with her ENORMOUS family, and boating in Lake Powell.

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