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When Your Business Vision Dramatically Changes

How will you know when your business vision changes? In my experience, it starts with feeling less motivated to work in your business. Which leads to feeling unclear and confused about what you’re doing in your business. Which leads to doing less marketing and sales, signing less clients, and seeing a drop in your revenue. Ultimately, it leads to feeling stuck in your business. 

When this starts to happen, you can open your mind to the idea that maybe your business vision is simply changing….and maybe it’s changing dramatically! 

Listen to this podcast episode to learn exactly what you can do in this situation, so you can move forward with the business you really want. 

In this episode, I share a very real and current example from my own business that may surprise you!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to realize when your business vision has changed 
  • Exactly what to evaluate when you feel stuck - including your offers, business structure, messaging, ideal client, price, and process for getting clients results
  • Even when you know your business vision has changed, you can make an empowered decision to NOT change things or change things

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