The "dark side" of business ownership

My Dad was a successful business owner my entire life, until he retired a few years ago. Since I was a little girl he has taught me about business, money, and organization.

I’m so proud of my Dad for everything he’s created, but as a little girl I also witnessed the “dark side” of business ownership...

You know what I’m talking about: Thinking about your business all the time, working crazy long hours, and not being present with your family.

I knew I wanted to do things a different way, so I took everything my Dad taught me about business, money, and organization - and applied it to my own business. Then, I took everything I learned from becoming a Certified Life Coach - and applied it to creating balance in my life.

These days I spend intentional time NOT thinking about my business, I have 25-30 hour work weeks (most weeks), and I spend lots of quality time with my family.

I’m living proof that you can have a business and a family, without sacrificing one for the other.

You can have the same thing.