How To Work With Me:

If you want to achieve work-life balance in 30 days...

The Intensive Program

I will guide you through my simple system to achieve work-life balance in one 4-hour session. We will take a deep look at the time you're dedicating to your health, money, relationships with other people and yourself, and boring adult responsibilities. We will also take a deep look at the time you’re spending on marketing, sales, your product or service, client delivery, and operations.

After our 4-hour session, you will get 30 days of Slack access directly with me for the implementation and mindset support you need.

The investment is $1,000 for 30 days.


If you want to create your own program so you can grow your business and maintain work-life balance...

The Growth Program

We will work together to create your signature program - from clarifying your ideal client and the result they'll get in your program, to writing the outline, to recording the videos and writing the workbook. 

We will also work together to create a marketing and sales plan that's designed with your work-life balance top of mind.

The investment is $5,000 for 6 months.