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About me

Hi, I’m Andrea!

I'm honored to help you achieve balance between your business and personal life.

As the daughter of a successful business owner, I witnessed the effects that overworking can have on an entrepreneur and their family.

As an adult, I knew entrepreneurship would be my path - but I wanted to experience it in a more balanced way for both my family and myself. 

The tools I learned during my training to become a Certified Life Coach taught me the skills I needed to be a present entrepreneur. 

These days I don't do meditations, or yoga, or anything else that may be considered "woo-woo." I use practical strategies to manage both my schedule and mindset, which are the same strategies I teach my clients.

If you want to hear more about my story, click the button below and listen to one of my podcast episodes where I share everything in 20 minutes.

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My Method

The Balanced Business Owner Method:

My method for helping you reconnect with your business, your family, and yourself is simple to learn - though it will require some practice and guidance to become your new sustainable lifestyle. My method includes...

Schedule Management

Mindset Management

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